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about our meals

About our Meals

All of our meals are  fresh, nutritionally balanced and delicious. We aim to keep to our own strict guidelines ensuring that each meal is made up from …

– 25% protein, 25% carbs, 50% vegetables
– whole grains only
– all sugar is a natural sugar (coconut palm sugar, agave, brown rice syrup, honey)
– protein portions are around 150-200g per person (adult)
– no processed food

Bespoke options are also available including, dairy free, gluten free, Paleo, Keto, vegan, vegetarian and more, so please just ask.

Some ingredients might alter slightly due to availability on the day but we do our best to source most appropriate substitute.

Special Boxes

As part of our meal delivery service we offer some special boxes to suit busy lives, so take a look below to see how we can help

Breakfast in Bed

Go on treat yourself!  Start off your special day the right way, with a decadent breakfast in bed.

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Picnic box

Choose between a grazing box, or ploughmans for your socially distanced event, corporate or private, and definitely better than a sandwich!

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BBQ packs

Its always sunny enough for a BBQ, so let us do all the hard work for you with a delicious selection of pre prepared salads and marinated proteins.

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Afternoon Tea

Try our delicious Afternoon Tea with a selection of finger sandwiches, cakes and treats.  Or send it to a loved for a special occasion.

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Weekend Roast

Let us take the hassle out of your weekend roast. With a weekly changing menu, we can offer you an easy, delicious and generous roast dinner package ready to pop into the oven.

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Totally bespoke packages ... unique to you

We understand that not everyone wants to eat the same thing, so we can create you and your family an entirely bespoke meal delivery package to suit your needs.

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3 day super soup cleanse ... cleanse your body

Give your gut a rest and let your body re balance with a few days of clear bone broth based soups

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Juice detox ... cleanse your body

The 3 day juice detox consists of green, purple, yellow and orange juices, all designed to give your body optimum nutrition without putting your digestive system under too much strain.

Full of antioxidants and nutrients, your body will really thank you afterwards!

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New baby gift ... give the gift of time

Give the gift of time to new parents … we offer gift packages to feed a family when things are maybe a little busy!  We can deliver breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks so new parents can enjoy more time with their new arrival.

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New home ... order from us!

Don’t settle for a dodgy takeaway, treat yourself to a delicious healthy meal delivered to your door to celebrate moving in to your new home.  We can provide a meal for the whole family, disposable plates, cutlery glassware and a even a little bottle of something special to help you celebrate.

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Gift voucher ... be unique

Give someone a unique present for their birthday, anniversary, Christmas or anything else!  A meal delivered to their door for a special quiet night in!

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E1-E20 £12
EC1-4 £12
GU21–GU25 £4
GU3 - GU4 £4
KT1-KT23 £4
KT23-24 £4
N1-N22 £12
SE1–SE27 £8
SL3-5 £5
SM1–SM7 £6
SW1–SW20 £4
TW1–TW20 £4
W1-2 £10
W3–W14 £4
W14 £5
WC1–WC2 £6

Can't see your postcode? Contact us for delivery information.

Within a family there are often … 4 different taste buds, 4 different favorites, 4 different … and who has to cook it all?! Don’t panic, we can help! You can choose individual meals form our weekly menu or we can make you and your family, exactly, what you like.

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Why is a souper soup cleanse a good idea?

My soups rely primarily on vegetables, and proteins so they are very low on the glycaemic index. They are also packed with fibre to keep you satisfied for longer.
Soups are a blend of foods that are already broken down, which allows your body to absorb the nutrients, macronutrients and enzymes far more efficiently.
My soups contain only natural, wholesome foods, with no added preservatives, chemicals or additives. The whole vegetable is added, including the fibrous skins, and pulps.

Some of the results you might encounter are …
- Weight Loss & Bloat Reduction
- Better Bowel Function
- More Energy & Less Fatigue
- Improved Mood
- Decreased Gastrointestinal Problems
- Stomach & Colon Cleansing
- Increased Nutrients
- Increased Immune System Support
- Detoxification
- Ph-Balance
- Organ Support and Regeneration
- Healthier Skin and Hair

Each day
Breakfast - Detox tea
Snack – Cold, protein rich, Soupie
Lunch – Hot, Nourish, Balance or Revive soup
Snack – Hot, Soothing broth
Dinner – Hot, Wholesome, Satisfy or Replenish Soup
Bedtime – Detox tea

The Soups – All of the soups have a chicken broth base
Soupie – a blend of fresh fruits, natural yoghurts, nuts and seeds

Nourish – Courgette, basil and lemon

Balance – Fennel, parsley and lemon

Revive – Petit pois, mint and lemon

Soothing broth – Chicken broth with miso, lemongrass or ginger

Wholesome – Puy lentils, courgettes, and tomato

Satisfy – Chickpea, kale and leek

Replenish – Red lentil, carrot, turmeric and ginger

Detox teas –
Hot lemon, lime and ginger
Hot berry and mint
Hot orange, turmeric and ginger
Hot fennel and aniseed
Hot apple and cinnamon
Hot goji berries and lemongrass

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The different juices

- Detox Juice – Apple, Carrot, Lemon, Yellow pepper, Cucumber, Celery, Broccoli, Mint, Avocado, Ginger

- Revitalising Juice – Beetroot, Apple, Pineapple, Lemon, Ginger, Water

- Cleansing Juice – Apple, Lime, Cucumber, Celery, Ginger

- Antioxidant smoothie – Pineapple, Blueberries, Blackberries, Yoghurt

- Superfood juice – Apple, Spinach, Beetroot, Cucumber, Parsley, Avocado

Day one
Breakfast - Detox juice
Lunch – Detox juice
Snack – Revitalising juice
Dinner – Superfood juice

Day two
Breakfast - Antioxidant smoothie
Lunch – Cleansing Juice detox
Snack – Revitalising juice
Dinner – Superfood juice

Day three
Breakfast – Detox special
Snack – Revitalising juice
Lunch – Superfood juice
Snack – Revitalising juice
Dinner – Cleansing Juice detox

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Buy your friends and family a New baby gift, of time … and food! We can deliver new parent survival kits, to let them have a break and not have to worry about dinner.

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Where’s the cutlery, and where are the plates … don’t worry about it, we can deliver a pre prepared delicious, nutritious meal ready to warm through for you and your loved ones to celebrate the first night in your new home. We can supply plates, cutlery, glasses and a bottle of fizz, and don’t worry it’s all disposable so no washing up either!

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What to get the friends who have everything … a food envy voucher! We offer bespoke gift vouchers, for values or for specific products.

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