3 day super soup cleanse


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Alternatively you can request a bespoke delivery day, with a morning slot.  Please write the details in the notes section at checkout.  We require 48hrs notice to guarantee the order.  If you have any questions or the order is placed  outside of the 48hr notice period, please contact us at chef@foodenvylondon.co.uk, before you place your order.

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My soups rely primarily on vegetables, and proteins so they are very low on the glycaemic index.  They are also packed with fibre to keep you satisfied for longer.

Soups are a blend of foods that are already broken down, which allows your body to absorb the nutrients, macronutrients and enzymes far more efficiently.

My soups contain only natural, wholesome foods, with no added preservatives, chemicals or additives.   The whole vegetable is added, including the fibrous skins, and pulps.

Each soup will arrive fresh, please place day 2 and 3 soups straight into the freezer.  Then on the evening before consumption, please take them out of the freezer and place in the fridge to defrost.


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